Disney Slimmed Down An Iconic Figure, And Here’s Why That Was A Really Awful Thing To Do

"Wasn’t it enough that they made you a witch? That you were already beyond the bounds of their franchise royalty? They expected little girls to recoil from the wicked inside your laugh, when instead, they worshiped your honesty.

Ursula, I don’t want you cut down into bite-sized pieces.

You weren’t easy to swallow for a reason.”

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50 years ago, America’s biggest employer was General Motors, where workers made the modern equivalent of $50 dollars an hour. Today, America’s biggest employer is Walmart, where the average wage is eight dollars an hour.

… And Walmart released their annual report this month, and in it was the fact that most of what Walmart sells is food. And most of their customers need food stamps to pay for it. Meanwhile, Walmart’s owners are so absurdly rich that one of them, Alice Walton, spent over a billion dollars building an art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas… And she said about it, “For years I’ve been thinking about what we can do as a family that can really make a difference.” How about giving your employees a raise, you deluded nitwit?


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Bill Maher has said some pretty problematic things, but here, he’s on point.

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No Words Needed

Also, she’s FAKE, or at least highly exaggerated. Like, this isn’t even possible due to federal regulations.

Um… why would it be her fault if her kid’s fathers don’t pay child support? Isn’t that the father’s issue? 

Of course not. She’s A Single Black Mother On Welfare. Everything is her fault.

man like ppl who post these kinda things must not know how impossible it is to make ends meet on that little a month. WOW 1K THATS SO MUCh ahah yeah after rent and bills and daily expenses she must be rollin in that like $5 left over shit man look out 

Welfare is not ment to live off of. It’s help/aid. STOP FORGETTING SHE IS ABLE TO WORK.

IF she is real, and IF she is getting cash assistance, then she is in work training for a minimum of 30 hours a week and she has to provide job search logs to her caseworker on the regular.

IF she is real, and IF she is getting cash assistance, then she has a 5 year LIFETIME limit of receiving that benefit.

IF she is real, and IF she is getting cash assistance, then filing for child support from all the children’s fathers was a requirement for being approved. Meaning, if they’re not paying, that’s on them, not her.

IF she is real, and IF she is getting cash assistance, she is still broke as hell. I could barely support myself making $1200/mo, much less 4 other people who would be completely dependent on me.

But considering all of those factors, it’s pretty doubtful that she’s real, as I said in my first reply.

That last comment = Perfection. She’s an imaginary boogeyman of terrified conservatives. The Welfare Queen, was originally invented, whole-cloth, by the Regan administration.

BOOoOOOOOooooo! Teh sexually profligate poors are coming rob you for your tax moneez! They want to live in your neighborhood and get their poor cooties on you!

It’s easier to believe in her as she is presented, than it is to believe that maybe, just maybe, The American Dream (fanfare) doesn’t happen as easily, nor as equally, as we’d like to think.

"It’s not MY fault I can’t get rich! It’s them greedy poors takin’ all my money-taxes!"

Look, there are cheats in every system, public and private. But they are the exception, not the rule. And they are never, ever as egregious as political PR would make them out to be. Unless you’re a major corporation that ca afford hundreds of loophole-seeking lawyers, it’s pretty damn difficult to get away with cheating the government.

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She’s probably not real at all. 1200 is nothing. Then she’s has 4 kids, if they are in day care that is probably all her money.

Look at it like this. Here rent is less than everywhere else, you can get two bedroom for around 600 dollars.

Okay BUT gas and electric still has to be paid.  +235 dollars.

She still has to get groceries. She may be getting food stamps but again she has 4 kids. She probably will run out of food as food stamps have been cut.

Kids need clothes, they out grow shoes, coats, etc.  they break things, they are involved in extra curricular activities. I’m not even going to get into how much getting for kids dressed from walmart alone can cost. If they are in sports or the arts add more money.

Oh and then how is she getting around? I think bus passes here are around 90 dollars for a zone 1 monthly. 25 for a weekly.  She and  Her kids will more than likely need them to get back and forth if she doesn’t have a car.

I have a honda, to fill my gas tank is 35 dollars. I’m a new driver my car insurance is 215 dollars. Does she have a warranty? Add 130 dollars a month. Oh and if she didn’t buy it out right add the car payment 170 every two weeks.

1200 dollars a month for one person goes fast. 

Oh add doctor bills, medicine, co pays, trips to the barber shop, beauty salon,  toys, glasses and braces to that too.

And to be fair, if our tax dollars are keeping her and her family alive we should be glad. You know what’s despicable? Billions of tax dollars  being spent on wars that are killing innocent people world wide. Be enraged about that.

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According to Truth-Out in 2012, the average American taxpayer making $50,000 per year paid just $36 towards SNAP, while paying $6,000 a year towards corporate welfare. 

According to Think by The Numbers, About $59 billion (3 percent of the total federal budget) is spent on traditional social welfare programs and $92 billion (5 percent of the federal budget) is spent on corporate subsidies. 

According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “Nationwide, in any given month, a total of 900,000 veterans nationwide lived in households that relied on SNAP to provide food for their families in 2011”

Oh, look. Facts.

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I’ve seen some background noise pages around tumblr like rainymood, but I don’t think I’ve really seen this page recommended on tumblr.


The plus of this page is without a doubt the huge list of sound machines that you can open in several tabs and mix as you like, ranging from natural sounds like rain and waves to industrial noises to relaxing tunes like in utero. It’s suitable as background noise for work as well as for relaxing and sleep.

Also recommended:

Someone find one with buzzing bee sounds and i will be happy forever okay


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“Who taught you to hate the color of your skin?
Who taught you to hate the texture of your hair?
Who taught you to hate the shape of your nose and the shape of your lips?
Who taught you to hate yourself from the top of your head to the soles of your feet?
Who taught you to hate your own kind?
Who taught you to hate the race that you belong to so much so that you don’t want to be around each other?”

- Malcolm X, 1962

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When Gap changed its Twitter background to the picture of Sikh model Waris Ahluwalia, many commentators claimed a victory not only for social media, but for South Asians and Muslims as well. One blogger claimed the change was “to show solidarity and support” with those who were offended by the racist graffiti. But if solidarity simply means changing a Twitter background, then we have not only failed in some fundamental way in understanding the politics of that term, but we have also relegated our identity to merely that of a consumer. Gap has purposefully chosen to demonstrate solidarity with its brown consumers, but not with its brown factory workers. We have compromised our sense of racial solidarity for consumer solidarity, a solidarity between a corporation and its consumers that invites a racialized minority community to become rightful customers. Yet this image of inclusivity means little when the actual practices of the company continue to exclude Bangladeshi workers from having basic human rights. Changing a Twitter background is easy. Seeing through the smoke and mirrors, organizing to put pressure on Gap and policymakers, and demanding better working conditions for sweatshop laborers in Bangladesh–that is hard work.
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Mukhta Mollah deftly smooths the red fabric and guides it through a whirling sewing machine. She sews side seams on women’s blouses bound for America. Eight hours a day or longer in this hot and sweaty factory. Six days a week.

On this day, like every workday, she will try to reach a target of 1,000 blouses.

Seamstresses sit all around her in rows that stretch across this factory floor crowded with 350 workers. Fluorescent lights buzz and blink overhead. Enormous fans nosily push around the stagnant air, which carries the familiar scent of new clothes.

It takes Mollah less than 30 seconds to complete her part of the blouse. A helper snips the thread ends and piles the garments into a bin to take to the next station. Mollah has long grown accustomed to the mind-numbing repetition, the unrelenting din, the glare, the heat.

She knows that she won’t get rich; she sends nearly half of her $20-a-week wages home to her family. But she’s grateful that the salary, no matter how small, gave her the means to escape her home village and the fate of her schoolgirl friends.

All of them were married before age 16. All have children of their own. All have moved in with their husbands’ families and must get permission from their mothers-in-law to leave the house.

"For them, it’s a cage," said Mollah, 19. "My life is much better than theirs because they have no freedom. When I go back to my village and see my friends, they ask me, ‘Can you take us with you?’"

Bangladesh’s garment industry has earned a reputation for harsh and sometimes lethal working conditions. An eight-story factory collapsed last April, crushing more than 1,100 workers. Six months earlier, a factory fire killed 112 people who could not flee because their bosses had locked the doors to keep them working.

Despite the horrific industrial accidents and accusations of labor abuses — such as forced workweeks of 80 hours — the picture of the underpaid and over-exploited garment worker gets more complicated when compared with other options available to women in this poor, traditional Muslim society. About 5,600 factories in Bangladesh employ more than 4 million people; 90% of the workers are female.

Read the rest of Pulitzer Center grantee Ken Weiss’s reporting here. 

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word up

Whoopi’s face is like "I’m glad that lil’ white girl said it cuz you know what would happen if I did…"



word up

Whoopi’s face is like "I’m glad that lil’ white girl said it cuz you know what would happen if I did…"

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I shall reblog whenever I see this….

the amount of perfection in that paragraph makes my heart happy.

I’m a Christian and I support this message.

i think i’m crying that’s so perfect

There’s also the fact that the reason Jesus died on the cross was so that Christians no longer had to follow the laws of the Old Testament.

By denying homosexuals the right to marry because of what it says in Leviticus, you are basically saying that Jesus’ sacrifice WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU.


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